About us

At Digital Staffing Services our goal is providing your business with the right personnel for your needs, exactly when you need them, in a way that lowers your financial burden.

Digital Staffing Services excels at filling your need for personnel with a perfect match, every time. But then again, many other staffing companies claim to do the same- why work with us?


  • Customer-focused’ is not just a mantra for us…
  • We assess and evaluate thoroughly
  • We ensure quality
  • We are the candidates employer. Once your candidate has been assigned, we become the employer---and the responsibilities thereof. This means Digital Staffing Services Inc assumes total responsibility for the payment of their fees, wages, the withholding of their taxes, their unemployment taxes, any worker’s compensation insurance required etc.
  • We are local and accountable.
  • We are supported by a group of technical experts in the valley who are passionate about new technologies. We rely on their expertise to conduct technical screening of candidates.